Although Chris Ashenden (also known as the Kiwi) lives/moves between North and South America, his nickname pays homage to the national bird of his home country, New Zealand. Since 2009, Chris Ashenden has served as the business growth manager for Athletic Greens, a nutrition company that produces natural products that encourage better health.

Many people who are serious about diet and exercise often try to supplement their meals with nutrients. Unfortunately, the sheer number of types of nutrients often overwhelms and discourages these individuals. The Athletic Greens Premium Superfood Cocktail® packs in 75 whole-food ingredients, enzymes, and probiotics into one easy-to-understand package, thereby simplifying the process of choosing and measuring out nutritional supplements.

Athletic Greens’ Superfood Cocktail® rounds out meals nicely. Measured into optimal servings, this nutritious product allows dieters to enjoy the anti-oxidant equivalent of up 12 servings of no-hassle, delicious, whole-food fruits and veggies. The nutritious ingredients even continue working after mealtime. Throughout the day, the digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics smooth out digestion and gastrointestinal function to provide greater comfort and regularity.


Chris Ashenden is a nutritionist and strength coach who strives to help his clients live cleaner, healthier lives. Since 2009, he has worked as business growth manager for Athletic Greens, a company that specializes in nutritional supplements. Chris Ashenden has also played sports on an amateur level and is an acknowledged fat-loss expert.

A good exercise for weight loss is walking, which provides a great cardiovascular workout when done at a rapid pace. To maximize fat burning, try exercising at least three days a week and intensify each workout to a degree that feels comfortable and safe. Interval training, where one alternates exercises of different intensity levels, offers another way to burn fat efficiently. It is also safer for individuals who are unable to exercise continuously at a high level.

Strength training, such as lifting weights, can both burn fat and build muscle. Beginners should consider weight training three times a week for 30 minutes a session. Research or ask a personal trainer to suggest weight-training exercises that target the full body, as well as exercises that target flabby areas. You can even do some exercises at home. As an example of a simple fat-burning exercise, you can hold your ears and squat down deeply, then return, keeping the tension in your butt muscles as much as you can. You should feel a satisfying burn in the legs and your heart rate rising.