Simple Healthy Travel Basics

July 24, 2014

As part of his lifelong quest for an active and healthy lifestyle, Chris Ashenden currently serves as business growth manager for Athletic Greens, a premium “Superfood Cocktail”. In addition to promoting the company’s product, Chris Ashenden travels the world. He shares tips for improving one’s travel experience on his blog, Chris the Kiwi.

Beyond experiencing the wonders and excitement that new destinations have to offer, travelers also experience mental and physical stress, which affects the immune system. The combined effects of such factors as jet lag, radical climate changes, and altered diets can weaken the constitutions of travelers, making them vulnerable to foreign viruses and bacteria.

Travelers can take simple steps to combat the weakening of the immune system in order to stay healthy and enjoy their journeys. Above all, individuals should flush their systems by drinking a great deal of water, which promotes energy and reduces inflammation. Considering the extensive exposure to bacteria and germs that traveling entails, travelers should wash their hands frequently. In addition to clean hands, travelers should consider a nasal rinse, which helps to flush microbes that can lead to illness. And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, remain attentive to nutrition, avoiding unhealthy meals likely to inflame your digestive system and consuming instead only foods and supplements likely to boost your immune system and provide plenty of energy.


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