About Summit Series

April 27, 2014

The founder of ChrisTheKiwi.com, New Zealand native Chris Ashenden also serves as the spokesperson and business growth manager for Athletic Greens. Outside of work, Chris Ashenden has taken part in a Summit Series event to discuss weight loss and healthy living.

In 2008, the organization Summit Series hosted its first event in Park City, Utah. At the event, civic and business leaders came together to discuss various issues affecting the world. Within a year, Summit Series had gained recognition from the White House, which recommended that the group hold another event to analyze America’s economic recovery. Since then, Summit Series has hosted a four-day symposium each year. The annual symposium’s internationally renowned speakers provide in-depth commentary on philanthropy, business, and technology, inspiring listeners to change the world.

In July 2013, Summit Series celebrated the opening of its new headquarters in Eden, Utah, by raising money for nonprofit organizations. Nearly 1,000 thought leaders and entrepreneurs were invited to this housewarming. Attendees learned about topics ranging from space travel to Internet security, and also participated in horseback riding, field sketching classes, and other activities. More than $90,000 was collected during this event. This money was donated to the Weber School Foundation, Weber Pathways, The Nature Conservancy, and other entities.


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